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For basic training and understanding GIS:

What is GIS?

GIS Dictionary by ESRI

GIS Tutorials (outside links)

ArcGIS 9 U of Arkansas basic Tutorial
Geocommunity's Tutorials
Free Geocoder


There are several on-line classes that are free to the UH-Manoa students, faculty and staff.

Visit the UH-Manoa's ESRI's Virtual Campus Courses Page on more information on these classes

To enroll, create an ESRI login here.

Then to access courses and request a password for specific courses, please contact the University's License Administrator via e-mail:

sladmin at hawaii dot edu

Please note that these classes are offered by ESRI, a major GIS software company. There are other GIS software providers. Open source GIS software is also available.



Anthropology - Introduction to GIS for Anthropologists - ANTH 477

Geography - Aerial Photo and Image Interpretation - Geog 370

Geography - GIS Data Visualization - Geog 387

Geography - Remote Sensing - Geog 470

Geography - Applied Geographical Information Systems - Geog 489

Geology & Geophysics - Geospatial Information - GG 461

Urban & Regional Planning - GIS for Community Planning - Plan 473

Urban & Regional Planning - Information Systems for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance - Plan 673

Natural Resources & Enrvironmental Management - GIS for Resource Managers - NREM 477

Natural Resources & Enrvironmental Management - Remote Sensing - NREM 677

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